Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Castro Declassified...the original version

I stumbled on this special edition of our doc about Castro in the Daedaelus catalogue the other day. I'd previously thought that History was only offering them as part of their special DVD sales site (where they sell DVDs on demand).

This one looks like someone spent a few minutes designing a cover for it (although I'm sure Kosh would have done FAR better in half the time), so I'm plunking down some bucks for a copy or two. It'll be a collectible in at least one sense: History had me re-write the ending about six months after it first aired. Castro was undergoing surgery and the thought was that he might not make it: they wanted to have CASTRO DECLASSIFIED ready to roll if he died, and so they had me re-write the final segment to change a few verb tenses.

So when Fidel does finally shuffle off this mortal coil, turn on History and you'll hear the revised version...until then, you can get the FIDEL LIVES version right here!

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