Friday, September 28, 2007

Kosh-san, Yoku Dekimashita

Well, this is wild!

A little Japanese documentary about the art of my brilliant friend Kosh. He is, along with Susan Shearer, owner of 10 Worlds...but back in the day he designed for the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Marc Bolan, Linda Rondstat, ELO, James Taykor, and on and on and on...

Even if you're a henna-gaijin, this is a very watchable little doc. It has commentary by a faux-Kosh (wearing a jeans jacket, but lacking an English accent) in a language you'll understand...and the pictures are really all you need, anyways!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Innocent When You Dream

Yikes! And that's just the draft of the first cue!

I'm working on a new Timescape production that's going up at the Electric Lodge: INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM by Ken Narasaki. Sab Shimono is starring...Saturday's run was really terrific.

There are only a few video elements, but as you can see they're pretty dense. Should be cool! Drop by the INNOCENT page on MySpace for details.

Declassified on Demand

THC has added a bunch of Declassified Webisodes to their site...check here to view them!

Also, despite weekly rumors to the contrary, Fidel seems to still be among the living. HOWEVER, when he does shuffle off this mortal coil, tune in to History for a special episode of DECLASSIFIED.