Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking in the view with a Lumix ZS3

Having destroyed a couple (well, three) cameras on various adventures in the last couple of years, I've set out to add a couple that will be versatile and tough. This one's very versatile, not so tough...but that's what my marathon camera's for (see older posts).

In the Lumix ZS3 I found something I can whip out and record HD with...whenever, wherever. I won't be carrying it on any runs, but it does a nice job with portraits and candids: it's small but has a great 12x zoom.

The day after I got it, it rained in L.A., so I knew right where I wanted to go. The new Baldwin Hills Overlook, one of the parks that will eventually create a sort of super-park in western Los Angeles running from Kenny Hahn Park to the east, through Culver City Park, and down along Ballona Creek and out to Playa del Rey.

The view is spectacular....almost a 300 degree panorama from LAX to the SW and then around to downtown in the E-SE. I should have brought sticks, but then cool that this is without sticks!

And the my old UCSC friend, the lovely and talented Eva Weidema who's in Utrecht nowadays. I have begun a campaign to get her back in the concert hall and/or recording studio: click play and you'll hear why!

Baldwin Hills Overlook - L.A. After The Rain from John Flynn on Vimeo.