Friday, January 08, 2010

Places to Look for A Mother

Another audio piece...a section of Nicole Stansbury's award-winning novel PLACE TO LOOK FOR A MOTHER.

I don't think Nickie would mind if I mentioned that there's a lot more reality to this piece than you'd expect...and it is a pretty harrowing story. It reminds me of one of Chris Offutt's definitions..."Short Story: An essay written to conceal the truth and protect the author's family."

I love this book because it's about a place that I know so well, a West that I grew up in. It's a true West (Sam Shepard pun intended): full of dreamy and desperate and tough people. And the girl at the center of the story...well, she's true too.

The music is Ry Cooder, from a couple of different scores...and the recording was done a while ago (almost a year and a half ago).

Listen to PLACES TO LOOK FOR A MOTHER (Streaming MP3)

Nicole's Wikipedia Page...

(picture by Jack Sperry...that's Otis behind Nickie & I)