Saturday, March 13, 2010

Working on video for NO NO BOY...

This has got to be my busiest year since creating Story Tactics: half a dozen projects in theater/opera/film, and half a dozen new multimedia commissions for various other clients.

First up is NO NO BOY, a project I have been working on and thinking about for over a year. Ken Narasaki has done a wonderful adapation of John Okada's groundbreaking novel about a Japanese American draft resister from WWII. Everyone knows about the internment of Japanese Americans during the war, many people know about the famed 442nd "Go For Broke" batallion that was covered in honors during WWII, but not so many people know the story of the people who resisted the government's loyalty oath because their freedoms were taken away. The scars within the Nisei-Sansei-Yonsei community are still there: I'm very intrigued to hear how people inside the community react.

So I am creating a lot of video for the piece, mostly video to set scenes and moods, but I'll also be doing a couple of pieces like this one. I'll be updating it when the (inevitable) good reviews come is a first-rate cast and crew, and Ken's script is fantastic.

No No Boy, The Play from John Flynn on Vimeo.